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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone help you to decide which colors to buy in form of make up or even cloths you have to know if you need to buy cool or warm colors. Most people are warm toned, not cool toned. Knowing your skin tone will help you in, choosing the correct colors, your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing, your eyes will appear brighter and clearer, your hair will reflect highlights

Cool Tones:

The undertones of your skin determine whether you have a cool or warm complexion. If your undertones have a pink, rosy or bluish color, your skin tone is likely cool.

- Vein color: When in natural lightening, observe the color of the veins on the tops of your feet or inner wrists. Do your veins appear blue or green? If they look blue, then you’ve got a cool complexion.

- Gold or silver: If silver jewelry looks beautiful against your skin tone, then your complexion is cool.

- Clothing colors: Do white shirts look great on you? If so, it’s likely you have a cool tone. Cream-based tops typically look best on warmer complexions.

- Cool skin tone usually has a pale, rosy, ebony, or dark-red cast to skin.

- If you are unable to tan at all, then you more than likely have a cool tone.

- If you have blue or green eyes, then there's a good chance you have a cool tone to your skin

Warm tone:

The undertones of your skin determine whether you’ve got a warm or cool complexion. Warm undertones contain a yellow-orange combination. Cool undertones are slightly blue, pink or gray.

- Vein color: Notice the veins on the tops of your feet or inner wrists. In natural lighting, do your veins appear green or blue? If they seem green, you have a warm complexion.

- Gold or silver: Try on a variety of gold and silver jewelry. If gold looks especially stunning against your skin, you’re warm.

- Hair check: If your natural hair color has red, yellow or golden tones, you’re probably warm.

- Warm skin tone usually has a yellow, golden, and honey tones in their skin.

- If you tan easily, chances are you have a warm tone.

- If you have warm brown eyes, or hazel? Then it's more likely you have a warm tone

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