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Monday, October 11, 2010

Choosing nail polish

Nail Polish is part of your style, and just like any accessory, it has to match your outfit. Make sure your color matches what you're wearing and you won't have to worry about hiding your clashing nails from the world.

Choosing color according to skin tone: 
-         If you're fair skin look best in lighter shades of nail polish with pink undertones, nail polishes that have blue undertones may also work well. Fair skinned women tend to look their best in berry red shades of nail polish with a lighter color for day and more dramatic shade for the evening wear.

-         If your skin has more olive undertones and is a bit darker, you'll probably look fantastic in shades of chocolate and gold. These shades of nail polish really tend to play up olive skin.

-         If you have dark skin, you can get by with almost any rich, deep or vibrant shades of nail polish including vibrant reds and purples. You can generally get by with a bolder display of color than can the fair skinned person.

Tips for choosing color:
 - Choose a color the same as (or closely related to) a color in your outfit
- Clear, pink, cream or beige polishes dress up your nails with an elegant, subtle touch. Whatever the season and whatever your style, natural shades always works. A French manicure looks so sophisticated.
- Red nail polish incarnates femininity, is chic for a night out and goes perfectly with lip shine or red lipstick. Red polish goes beautifully with black or any outfit with a touch of red. 

- Highlight your hands with dark nail polish in brown, plum and purple to bring out built-up, well-defined brown and plum eye make-up. Avoid, plum or purple nail polish with black outfits, they don't go together. Go for colder colors like white or grey. 

- Black polish is very in and can be used on short, square nails. Needless to say, black, being black, goes with black. Avoid brown clothes plus black nail polish equals disaster.

- Glitter polish illuminates your look. It glam up tanned summer feet, and can be a great way of accessorizing.

Choosing the right type of polish:

Choosing the right color is not it, you also have to choose from the different types of texture, each of which give a different effect either it is pearly, shiny or matte.

- For work or everyday wear, use matte nail polish. The effect is quite subtle, and perfect if you like to keep your make-up discreet and natural.
- Shiny polish brings a sophisticated touch to your style. Whatever color you choose, the studied, classy effect will give you dazzling, feminine hands.
- Pearly nail polish isn’t in any more, but it can still look good on tanned hands.  
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