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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Body homemade remedies

- Mix 3 teaspoons fine oatmeal with 3 teaspoons double or heavy cream. Apply to skin and rub lightly; rinse off.
- Mix 3 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal with 2 tablespoons almond oil. Scrub all over lightly, then rinse.
- Rub sea salt all over your face and body in the shower to get rid of dead skin cells. Do this at least twice a week.
- Take in a cup half a cup of chickpea flour, 2 tsp of saffron powder, 2 tsp of sandal wood powder, 2 tsp of almond oil, add some water to make a paste. Apply to whole body and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rub with pressure with both palms and fingers to remove all the paste.
- Take 2 tsp oatmeal and 1 tsp baking soda and add water to make paste. Apply to all over the skin and rub gently.
- Mix Mint Leaves, Almonds, mix it with enough water until it becomes sticky. Leave it until it dries and rinse your body with warm water.
- 1/4 Cup Yogurt, 3 T Honey, 3 T Puréed Pumpkin OR 3 T Puréed Carrots .Draw a warm bath. Lather your face and body with the yogurt mask. Sink into a warm bath and soak for 10-20 minutes. Rinse in the shower
- 3 T Coffee grounds (organic-caffeinated), 1 T Salt (optional).  Leave for 20 minutes, and then scrub your body
- For dark area like elbow and knee use 1/2 C Mint Water, 1/2 Lemon, squeezed, Mix together,  apply this liquid with cotton pads to the desired place,  leave until dry then make another application.  Repeat applications
- 1/2 of an Orange juice, 4 tbsp Cornmeal. Mix into a paste, apply to body. Scrub gently for 2-3 minutes.

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