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Monday, October 11, 2010

Choosing the right perfume

Choosing a perfume that suits your skin, feelings and personality isn’t easy.
Define your ingredients: You need to identify your ingredients of choice in order to find your own scent. Perfume is classified into six main categories; floral, fruity, Oceanic, woody, greens and Orientals.

Check and try: Each person's skin has its own fragrance. The outer layer of skin changes the characteristics of a perfume, depending on skin type. To find whether a perfume suits you, test it on your pulse points which are the neck and wrist. Wait half an hour to know if it suits you or no.

The different notes in a fragrance: perfumes are built in three-tiered scent pyramids comprising top notes (fresh, strong scents that are immediately apparent when you spray the perfume onto your skin), heart notes (more sensual scents that become apparent after about 10 minutes); and base notes (heavy, more durable notes that make the perfume last). You can only really find out what a perfume’s real fragrance is like after an hour’s wear, when all three notes have come out.
Choosing the right perfume for you: It’s not easy to know which perfume is best for you when you’re confronted with all manner of different types: eau de toilette, eau de parfum, summer perfume, perfumed oil and perfumed lotions. For daily use, eau de toilette is ideal for giving you a discreet scent. The same goes for perfumed lotions and powders, which give skin a delicate fragrance.
Applying perfume: To make it works for you apply it to strategic zones: your neck, décolleté, around your ear and the inside of your wrist. You can also spray your clothes.

Taking care of your perfume: Perfume can change or get affected from light, heat or temperature, so keep it in a dry place in its original packaging. A well-kept perfume has a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

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